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One treatment. Two benefits.

More and more patients with our busy lives come with concerns over a slackening of facial tissues as they age, but are not interested in pursuing a surgical path to remedy it. They do not want the scars, and do not want the downtime.

Silhouette Soft represents the state of the art suspension suture and an extraordinary true technological innovation that opens up a new era in aesthetic medicine.

The coned threads can be placed to subtly lift the neck, jowls, midface or brow with a local anaesthetic procedure.

The double action lifting effect is immediate and discreet as it is the result of compressing the tissue and elevating the skin at the time of implanting the suture.

The regenerating effect is gradual: Poly L-lactic acid (PLLA), the principal component of Silhouette Soft is a well-known polymer that has been used for many years in plastic surgery as suture material and it completely biodegradable over time.

By resorbing, the poly L-lactic acid acts on the deeper layers of the skin and stimulates the body so that it produces its own collagen. This action, which continues over time, helps increase the volume of sagging areas and restores shapeliness to the face. I am constantly impressed at the improvement in lift over 18 months rather than a recurrence of slack (which is of course inevitable to some degree!)
A single thread will treat a single area, and up to 6 threads can be used, and in combination with volume enhancing hyaluronic acid, a significantly improved facial contouring can be achieved as an in office procedure.


  • 1500 for 2 threads
  • 2800 for 4 threads
  • 3000 for 4 threads and 1 ml of Voluma

Anaesthetist monitored sedation can be provided for the needle shy to ensure the utmost of comfort at all times.