Platysmaplasty, Necklift

Symptoms/ Suitability

A necklift is often not considered when patients feel they may be a candidate for facial rejuvenation, but facelifting, or platysmaplasty can transform the face and neck profiles in slowing down the effect of ageing. A necklift addresses the loosening of skin, muscle and fat that obscure the natural lines that separate the chin from the neck.


In this procedure, a separate incision is made under the chin and a combination of liposuction and suturing of the muscle under the neck (platysmaplasty) is performed to restore a youthful contour (almost akin to tying up a corset under the skin of your neck).

Excessive skin is removed via incisions both in front of and behind the ear. A necklift is most often combined with a facelift(link). Some neck rejuvenation can be achieved using wrinkle relaxation (Botox). On consultation we can decide together what best will achieve your desired result.

necklift before

necklift after