Labiaplasty, Cosmetic Gynaecology, Labia Minora

Symptoms & Suitability

This cosmetic procedure was brought into the limelight when the term “designer vagina” was coined. Labiaplasty is a procedure that is designed to reshape the lips and clitoral hood of the vulva. Often the inner lips (Labia Minora) are too excessive, uneven, too thick or asymmetrical which can interfere with self confidence and sexual activity and make some women very self conscious even in clothing.

Excessive tissue on one or both of the inner labia can cause discomfort even day to day in tight clothing.

No two women have identical genitalia and labia, and every woman perceives their “ideal” differently. I am sensitive to these feelings as a female, and will help you to understand what you can achieve with this procedure. It is also important to know that a larger labia minora is not abnormal at all, but how you feel about this is what supports use of the procedure. Although, not frequently discussed, this is an operation which is associated with a very high rate of patient satisfaction.


A labiaplasty involves carefully removing any excess tissue and reshaping of your vaginal labia giving them a more concealed appearance (more “tucked”). I use a technique that preserves sensation in the area.




The procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic in our rooms, or on the day ward under General Anaesthetic.


I use dissolvable stitches and keep the scars towards the inside away from the edges of the labia to ensure sensation is preserved. I will advise you on postoperative care and hygiene. You can be assured of my sensitivity and discretion.