Liposuction, Lipomodelling, Fat transfer, Fat grafting


The procedure of fat grafting has been developing rapidly over the last few years, with constant adjustments and reports of new novel techniques. Fat transfer itself has however been around for a long time.

This technique can be used in breast, body and face surgery to contour, add lost bulk, fill, rejuvenate,reconstruct after trauma.. the list is endless).


The technique involves taking fat from one part of the body and injecting it into another more worthy area ( The key to success is that the fat must have an adequate supply of blood to the cells to keep it nourished. . I love this procedure as it has so many fantastic applications.

Fat Transfer

If very small quantities of fat are placed in individual tunnels, done over a few separate procedures, each fat cell will be closer to a nourishing blood vessel and have a better overall “take”. Take of the fat cells is usually around 60%.

The fat to be transferred is obtained by very gentle liposuction using a syringe rather than a mechanical suction device
so that the cells are not damaged. The fat is usually taken from the tummy, thigh, knee or bottom. The fat is then separated and put into small syringes when it is carefully placed using an injection technique into numerous tunnels with specially designed blunt needles to avoid damage to the fat cells.


The procedure is done on the Day Ward under General Anaesthetic for your comfort. You will need to wear customised compression garments for a period of 6 weeks following the procedure. These help to limit initial swelling but also help to tighten loose skin following fat removal.


Scars are kept very small and in as inconspicuous an area as is possible. I will also advise you about massage of the area after your treatment. Light exercise is encouraged to also help with skin tightening.