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Ear Fold, the minimally invasive technique for prominent ear correction is now available in Ireland!

Only available with Consultant Surgeons, we are delighted to announce that EarFold is now available for the first time in Ireland at Blackrock Clinic at Suite 35.

The procedure is performed using a small incision in front of the ear to insert the small titanium clip, and takes about 30 minutes to complete in the comfort of the office.

No incision behind the ear, no head bandages, less down time and less side effects than with a traditional otoplasty.

Prices start at €2500 for a single clip.

Developed by renowned plastic surgeon Mr Norbert Kang and now part of the excellent Allergan range of products, this is a very exciting development in ear surgery and fits in beautifully with my preferred small scar, limited downtime approach to surgical procedures*.

See earfold.com or contact us for further information or to arrange a consultation.

Procedure video

*EarFold is only available from EarFold trained consultant surgeons.