Otoplasty, medical piercing, resuturing of torn earlobes

Symptoms & Suitability

This is a procedure that is used to ‘pin back’ or set back overly prominent ears. This involves re-setting the ear closer to the head and occasionally requires a reduction in the overall size of the ear, depending on the anatomy of your ears. The goal is to achieve a natural appearance with the ears in harmony with the remainder of the face.


The procedure can be performed comfortably under local anaesthetic, but alternatively often under general anaesthetic. It takes 1-1.5 hours.

There are many techniques used for this surgery, and I usually use a combination of techniques depending on what the anatomical details of your ears which cause the problems are.



Surgery is mostly performed on the day surgery unit. Dressings are required for a week postoperatively, and contact sports need to be avoided for 6 weeks post operatively.


All incisions are hidden at the back of the ear.