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Abdominoplasty Pre
Abdominoplasty Post Surgery

Traditional tummy tucks involve removing the extra skin, tightening the abdominal wall, and placing drains under the skin to prevent fluid buildup while the skin is healing. Once the tissue is moved downwards on the abdomen, the two layers shear on each other and cause a build up of clear fluid to protect each layer. This is what makes drains necessary. So if the space between the two layers is closed down, no drains are required, less tension is on the wound so no binders are required and pain is less. Win win! The procedure takes a little extra time while you are asleep but is well worthwhile to save you having drains or uncomfortable binding when you wake.

Come and see us to discuss further if you have often thought about tightening your post-baby tummy, I understand your concerns having had my tummy stretched by 4!

Prices for drain-free tummy tuck from €8900

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