“Mummy makeover” breast and abdominoplasty with liposuction

Many different procedures can be combined together, and complement each other.


A woman’s body can be completely transformed safely and extremely effectively in a one-stage combined procedure. It is, of course, important to be of optimal weight and fitness prior to having this type of surgery (non smoker).


The breast component may involve a breast augmentation, reduction, symmetrisation, uplift or reshaping. Similarly the tummy area may in some individuals only require liposuction/ sculpture whereas in others may need a complete abdominoplasty to achieve the best results.

By doing both procedures at once, not only is recovery time and cost minimised but the techniques can be naturally blended into one another to give you the best possible aesthetic.

This surgery lasts between 4-6 hours depending on which procedures are being combined and utilised.

Combined Procedures Before Surgery
Combined Procedures post surgery


A hospital stay of approximately 3 days is usual for combination procedures.