Post contralateral reconstruction

Symptoms & Suitability

Symmetrisation can be for different causes, primarily to symmetrise congenitally different sized breasts (breast asymmetry, tuberous breast deformity), or to balance the chest after one breast has been surgically altered.

A small amount of breast asymmetry is a normal finding, and one which most women would accept. Large differences in breast size, shape or position however, can be quite visible and throw off the balance of your physique.


Breast asymmetry correction may involve lifting, adding or subtracting volume from one or both breasts in the hope of restoring balance by creating a more beautiful, natural-looking and symmetrical shape to each side.

Breast Assymmetry Pre Surgery

Breast Assemmetry Post Surgery

I am happy to complete “touch up” surgery after breast reconstruction, to include fat grafting / lipofilling (see section on this – link), “dog ear” excision and nipple reconstruction as well as reshaping the other breast to match your newly reconstructed breast.


These procedures are often done as a series rather than a single operation, but can be done as overnight stays at most.