Short scar breast reduction mammaplasty

Symptoms & Suitability

This procedure of reducing the volume of breast tissue is associated with one of the highest patient satisfaction rates following surgery. Whilst it can be considered a cosmetic procedure, it also addresses the physical symptoms of having large and heavy breasts such as neck, shoulder and back pain, difficulty in performing physical activity leading to weight gain, infection and irritation under the breast (particularly in summer) and in the long term, progressive degenerative arthritis of the back and neck.

Some women just dislike the larger size of their breasts, and seek a more proportionate breast size.


The aim of the procedure is to achieve a more proportionate and shapely breast, and usually involves moving the nipple to a higher position on the chest wall. Every body shape and breast shape is different, and so too is every breast reduction I perform.

The technique I favour where at all possible is the short scar technique – where there is a circular scar around the areola (coloured skin around the nipple) and a vertical scar linking the two. This avoids the under breast scar (anchor technique). Sometimes in very large reductions I may advise you that the anchor technique is a better option, or I may advise that the short scar may require a further “touch up” procedure for you (about 20% of people will require this). Liposuction to the breast and under the arms and side of the chest is an essential addition to the reduction procedure and I perform this almost always as part of your breast reduction procedure, particularly around the sides, to reduce the “bra fat”!

I will discuss all options with you at your visit so that together we make the best operative plan for you.

Breast Reduction Pre Surgery
Breast Reduction Post Surgery


Breast reduction patients are usually admitted as an overnight stay. Your dressings and bra is put on while you are asleep, and taping is advised for 3 months.

You will be back to light activity within a few days, and back to exercise at approximately 6 weeks.


I favour a short scar approach whenever I can. Scar therapy is crucial after breast reduction surgery and I will instruct you on this after your procedure. Some patients require minor adjustments to their breasts after the procedure, often done under Local Anaesthetic or on the Day Ward.