Mastopexy, Augmentation mastopexy

Symptoms & Suitability

Breasts sadly are not immune to ageing, resulting in a dropping of the shape of the breasts, as well as thinning of the chest wall skin. Pregnancy takes its toll too, with changing the composition of breasts, and often reduce in volume once breastfeeding stops. Whatever the cause of the loss of shape to your breasts, the shape and volume can be improved using a combination of various techniques.


Dealing with a loss of volume and lift of breasts is dealt with either with a breast lift (mastopexy) or a breastlift with implants (augmentation mastopexy) which can be done either in 1 or 2 stages, depending on what your breasts need surgically. In essence if more volume as well as lift is required, then the augmentation mastopexy is the operation of choice. If less volume is desired then, the lift can be performed in association with a volume reduction (like a breast reduction technique).

Mastopexy Before


This surgery is usually performed as an overnight stay, and recovery to light activity is within a few days. Normal exercise and activity can resume at 6 weeks.


I favour short scar approaches to breast lift surgery. Mastopexy approaches often require a scar around the nipple and down from the nipple to the chest wall. Occasionally it requires a small scar underneath the breast, depending on the amount of loose skin. Taping and scar treatment is encouraged for 3 months.