Augmentation Mammaplasty, Reduction mammaplasty, Mastopexy, Augmentation Mastopexy, Tuberous Breast Correction, Symmetrisation, Nipple reconstruction, Male breast reduction, Gynaecomastia

A woman’s breasts help define her femininity, and with the vast differences in shape, size, and appearance, breasts further help to define her individualism. As a woman and a mum, I understand the importance of this part of a womans’ physique, from their physical appearance and importance, to their function as a mum, and then to their slightly altered appearance after having babies and breastfeeding!

You can be assured of my understanding from both a female and a surgical perspective.

I use the very latest techniques and guidelines to produce natural looking results that enhance and complement each individual woman’s frame. Whether you are thinking about a breast augmentation, a breast lift with or without implants, a breast reduction, breast reshaping, symmetrising or matching to one breast, or revisional surgery including removing and replacing PIP implants or capsules; I will tailor an operation that is ideally suited to you.

There are so many options to decide from that the surgery is best planned in detail with me during your consultation.