Symptoms & Suitability

A brachiaplasty is designed to remove loose skin of the upper arm, most commonly a problem after massive weight loss. The procedure can make a massive difference to those self conscious about their redundant arm skin (often called “bingo wings”).


Under General Anaesthetic, skin is carefully excised from the elbow up into the armpit. The scars are placed in the least visible part of your arm from armpit to elbow. Elevation of your arms and scar massage is crucial after this procedure. The procedure takes approximately 3 hours.

Pre Surgery Brachiaplasty
Post Surgery Brachiaplasty (arm lift)


This procedure to tighten loose arms (usually after massive weight loss) requires an overnight stay with your arms elevated to minimise swelling (a little uncomfortable to sleep).. once you are home you will wear compression garments on your arms and need to support your arms on pillows for a week to alleviate swelling after this procedure.

To achieve the best results, the scars run from your armpit to your elbow.


Garments are worn for 6 weeks post operatively, and sutures are all dissolvable. Scar therapy is mandatory and I will advise you about this after your surgery.